Taking Quizzes About Myself! (16 Sept 2016)

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Taking Quizzes About Myself! (16 Sept 2016)

Post by oqua » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:50 pm

busy being happy~

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Re: Taking Quizzes About Myself! (16 Sept 2016)

Post by alittledizzy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:49 pm

1:05 - "And hopefully it'll make some of the quizzes creators happy too." I am kind of charmed that this thought occurred to him.
1:29 - Same, Phil, same. (re: not liking baked beans.)
1:42 - His little laugh at 'Dan Howell' was so sincere.
1:58 - "That's obviously Dan."
2:28 - His mind jumps to such strange places.
2:38 - Jump cut. I wonder what his reaction to seeing the lion kiss gif was.
2:49 - The little 'awww.' And wow, was not expecting him to pick Dan.
3:30 - I wonder if he went to the bakery and got them breakfast.
3:40 - Return of the 'Phil Attracts Weird People' cliche, but cute.
3:58 - "Fancy ass cup of tea."
4:36 - "Dan would freak out..." Absently tagging Dan's name to every stray thought.
4:40 - Perfect opportunity to lean on heteronormativity bypassed expertly.
5:04 - He left out a sentence of this result, wonder why?
5:28 - "Not that outgoing, but I'm also not that sarcastic." Good moment of study in how Phil perceives himself there.
5:43 - Did he borrow the 'rely on johnlock joke' from Dan? I didn't really note this the first time, but I'm kind of pleased that despite the obvious joke he went with a m/m one.
5:50 - I know it's hotly contended but I think they're being honest when they say they don't go outside. The tour is work, youtube events are work. They don't just casually, voluntarily, not for video/career purposes 'go outside.' I also don't think they'd count going out to a restaurant to eat as 'going outside.'
5:51 - oh my god that 'yaaaaaas'
6:04 - "These quizzes are getting things right so far." re: him and Dan being good roommates because they can tell each other everything
6:15 - LOVE the photoshoot backstory, even if I can hardly even picture what he's describing.
6:43 - I wonder if he got the caramel macchiato reference, if that sticks out in his mind at all?
7:00 - "goddamn pumpkin spice latte"
7:36 - He assumes if it's straight it's his hair, I like the idea that his default concept of Dan's hair is wavy/curly. Does he realize photos of Dan with curly hair are a very recent thing for fans? Is he just hopelessly skewed by all the years of private-curly-hair-Dan he's had?
7:52 - How the fuck did he identify Dan's ear from that?
7:58 - What did he think he was looking at? I mean, for him to say "I don't want to know what I'm looking at." it's pretty obvious what he was afraid it was, but that is pretty well groomed to be anything else besides a sideburn. Basically: thanks, Phil, for inadvertently admitting that Dan's sideburn resembles how he trims his pubes.
8:11 - I don't like hearing him say 'phan.' But also, props for being willing to say phan.
8:20 - He apologized to Dan for choosing himself. Cute.
8:31 - Troll Phil. Yes. ("Yas.")
8:37 - "It has a lot of fun memories." Explain.
8:50 - I too would go with the most delicious memory association.
8:55 - lmfao he jumpcut him reading the first. Thank you, Phil. My secondhand embarrassment squick appreciates being spared you reading that out loud.
9:00 - The one point where he apparently decided it would be a little too blatant to be saying Dan. (Imagine if he had? "My life would suck without me and Dan." has such different connotation when said about himself, as opposed to someone else saying it about them.)
9:34 - He gets excited over the glabella mention, aww.
9:36 - "Dan's crotch." *laptop close* lmfao nicely done

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