Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! (13 Feb 2017)

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Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! (13 Feb 2017)

Post by oqua » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:19 pm

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Re: Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! (13 Feb 2017)

Post by missemma » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:01 pm

dannonfill wrote:Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE!
0:37 - the closeness, the way Phil doesn’t back away; top notch. (also Dan’s priss face afterwards :D )
1:00 - Phil’s calm natural face, aw
1:10 - cherry blossom tree
2:08 - Phil actually plays with Dan’s curly hair. “Look at this little curl!”
4:05 - no comment.
4:19 - Phil’s torso, thank you
4:40 - wow, man bulge on AmazingPhil, what a world we live in
5:18 - “do I get to embrace Cole Sprouse?” “no.” “then what’s the point?” male attraction on a main channel :clapping:
5:49 - “You fuckin’ strap me up.”
6:00 - Dan looks like a builder at a cloud factory, I found this so cute because for whatever reason I really dig that vibe
6:29 - there it is, Phil literally taking his trousers off while Dan watches in the viewfinder. I welcome this era.
6:36 - giggly Phil butt in the mirror (mirror butt come full circle?)
7:04 - he’s doing it sarcastically, but Dan really looks cute here
7:20 - everything about this: "girthy flowers", hand over the mouth, the way Phil says "large."
7:38 - "I’m obsessed with your curl Dan!” don’t mind me
9:14 - there is no integrity on Phil’s channel aw
9:18 - Dan, please get over your obsession with what “”filmmakers”” may think of you
10:01 - Phil’s meaty bicep
10:23 - “it compliments your eyes! [vomits]”
10:41 - full on neck touching
11:24 - Dan suggests a penis tattoo, he’s been keen on that word lately
11:52 - those squeaks Phil
11:57 - close-up chest hair
12:35 - unintentional SITC shade?
13:56 - lil pat on the head
14:00 - I could get on the silver haired Dan train, honestly
14:19 -
thank you to moony, I couldn’t put my finger on what that wig reminded me of
15:03 - danieldreamx.tumblr.com
15:30 - "curly!Dan is here to stay” I shed a tear
16:17 - again with the ‘stay hydrated’ message. I approve, water is important
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Re: Dan and Phil PASTEL EDITS IN REAL LIFE! (13 Feb 2017)

Post by missemma » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:02 pm

alittledizzy wrote:Pastel Edits In Real Life timestamps

:07 - Phil stealing Dan's "we're all dying" line.
:15 - I want to see bloopers from the punk video with the blue goop now.
:38 - What is the lean in thing Dan does? Is that for the purpose of editing, for face zooms? Or does he genuinely just routinely lean his upper body almost right in front of Phil's for no real reason?
1:07 - Phil looking at Dan with a mixture of fondness and 'I'm waiting for you to shut up so I can talk.'
1:22 - Phil bites.
1:46 - "So you feel the need to cover up..." I'm here for Dan analyzing Phil. I like it, Dan, I want you to do it more.
2:04 - Sassy Phil with the "sadness."
2:07 - Curl fondling #1. Dan doesn't consent, but then there's a jump cut.
2:30 - Dan finds the altered picture of university Phil a "cool and confident alter ego" - remind you of the one you fell for way back when, Dan?
2:45 - irl Dan is the evil twin, pastel edit Dan is the good twin.
3:05 - Phil, kittens are not for eating. Bad!
3:38 - "Very AmazingPhil room."
3:41 - "Borrowed some sheets from a friend."
3:54 - The blobfish that Dan gave Phil represents Dan on the inside. .
4:03 - Bedsheets have folds in them, as pointed out by fancybum. Suggests he might have bought them too, not actually borrowed them.
4:20 - Phil leaning back to enjoy the softness of the bedsheets. Not filming a porn, right? Not porn.
4:29 - Phil watches his bedsheets inbetween videos.
4:33 - Jumpcut, and Dan is facepalming when it comes back. Please I want the bloops, I want to know why he's facepalming.
4:36 - Phil searched "male pastel" with quotation marks. This video already has more male bulge than I expected.
4:42 - "It is not that kind of video." The Philip doth protest too much.
4:45 - "We are not gonna be getting into our pants." Yes you are.
4:46 - D: "Maybe more men want to embrace the pastel-" P: "But secretly beneath the jeans!" Phil got so excited about that, slapping his own leg.
5:18 - Dan wants to embrace Cole Sprouse, Phil delivers a hard no. Jealous Phil au, anyone? Anyone? No? Just me? Okay. Immediate jump cut after.
5:34 - "Don't look at my flap." Phil's laughing face.
5:39 - "Wow, Dan, you look so soft." What! Is Phil's! Voice! I like it. I can't figure out what tone that is, but I like it.
5:49 - Phil editing in closeups of Dan's crotch. I'm here for it. I'm not sure what it even is, but I'm here for it.
5:32 - "Wow, Phil strapping me up on camera." And that self-awareness about what fans want rears it's head.
6:16 - Dan describes the look Phil will be going for as, "Liquid gradient."
6:30 - How many years has it been since Phil stripped on camera for those sweet views? Too many. Be true to your nature, Phil. Also: Dan with the porn music, and that Office-like stare into the camera as Phil scoots out of frame, sort of.
6:35 - "Oh, you can see me in the mirror." That laugh of Dan's. He's so damn cute in that sweater and those overalls. I want to aggressively pinch his cheeks and maybe punch him. I don't know, I react weirdly to that kind of cuteness.
6:37 - Why did Phil leave this in? Why the zoom? What is that look on Dan's face? I have so many questions.
6:53 - Despite having been obviously staring at Phil in the computer screen he has to turn around to check out dat ass in the blue pants.
6:57 - If a strangely in character au where Phil is in a European pop band shows up, I'm looking at you, Dan.
7:01 - Soft knees.
7:03 - Phil says, "I'm never gonna get out of these jeans." and we don't see Dan's reaction because of a goddamn instant jump cut.
7:18 - "Aw, shit, man. Phil is spending money on this." lmao Dan.
7:25 - Dan's hand over Phil's mouth when Phil threatens the th-word.
7:33 - "That's Jurassic Park, Phil."
7:31 - Curl fondling #1. Phil is obsessed.
7:50 - "Danny."
8:20 - D: "Violate my nipples." P: "I am an expert." yes, I mean, there were other words said in that sentence, but that's all I heard. Context who what idk. (Clarification before anyone gets too excited: "So you don't violate my nipples." "I am an expert at sponge control.")
8:24 - Dan would like to formally file a compliment toward Phil's cutting out skills.
8:30 - Mother(bork)er, I want that unicorn mug. Someone buy me that unicorn mug.
8:41 - D: "That's such a cute wholesome mug. I need to protect it." Dan with those paternal instincts.
8:58 - Delicate hand holding as Phil sponge bathes Dan's wrist.
9:03 - Mutual blowing.
9:16 - Dan has another moment of glaring insecurity born self-awareness by saying, "I try to have some integrity." But Phil seems to try and head that off before it even gets off the ground by interrupting him to say, "It's okay, you're on my channel. There's no integrity here."
9:19 - Same thing happens again, Dan is self-deprecating and Phil interrupts with levity. D: "What do all the filmmakers think of this?" P: "This is art, Dan. This is a visual piece of art." As he's staring at Dan with that genuine open mouthed smile.
9:40 - "What are you talking about!" Phil's voice is so frequently his normal Phil voice that it's jarring.
9:48 - Phil sings "On my arm!" and Dan thinks he was going to ass. So Dan... mimes... slapping Phil's ass?!?! ?! ?!?!?! ?! I'm a puppy tilting its head in confusion as it tries very hard to understand what it's owner is trying to convey.
10:02 - "Look at that meaty bicep, Phil."
10:08 - Dan wants to name it Soft Susan, Phil suggests Spike. They go with Spike, because Phil is... important.
10:22 - Dan tells Phil, "It kind of suits you. It compliments your eyes." Then pretends to throw up, which is about my reaction too, Dan. Phil looks genuinely delighted.
10:36 - Dan hyping Phil up to place the tattoo, then screaming. I thought he was going to pretend the screaming is bc Phil was touching his neck and he doesn't like people to touch his neck but no it was just because of the water dribbling. Phil continues to look delighted.
10:52 - Dan has never felt this wet. "It was supposed to be innocent, and it's gone so wrong."
11:09 - "I could just be somebody that reads illustrations of gardening books in a library sipping a green tea." Dan, you can't bring tea into a library, come on. (Can you? I don't know England. Maybe libraries are loose with the liquid policies there.)
11:23 - "I need one where the dentist isn't going to see."
11:25 - "Penis."
11:26 - "I dont' want it like, on my face."
11:26 - "Penis."
11:27 - I'm not - no. No."
11:27 - "Penis tattoo."
11:28 - Classic Dan priss face.
11:30 - Phil pulls his shirt down enough to expose the chest hair, then jump cut and when it comes back he has the tattoo cut out and pressed against his skin.
11:32 - Another jump cut and he has the shirt folded to use as a towel.
11:40 - Their Spike voices genuinely made me laugh.
11:50 - Phil laughing and screaming at the same time.
12:01 - "It's so soft and pure." re: Phil's chest tattoo.
12:09 - "What the fluff is that!" "It's your mystical glowing unicorn." I like to think Phil really did just buy that for Dan.
12:25 - Phil could have murdered Dan. It would have been worth it.
12:31 - "Do you want to come sit in a field with pastel Dan and Phil? Probably a much nicer experience than being awkward in a field with real Dan and Phil." No honestly I can skip the field experience, just buy some something really good to eat and let me use your wifi and bug your flat.
13:16 - Dan posing with his neck stretched out to show off that tattoo.
13:36 - Phil with the cotton candy pink wig for Dan. He is a brutal judge, makes him try it on then yanks it off.
13:55 - "You look like 2013 Dan was struck by lightning."
13:57 - "I feel like a FF character." Phil's 'yeah' is too casual, clearly trying not to let on that this was his plan all along, kinky FF roleplay. I bet he made Dan wear the wig when they had sex later.
14:17 - Oh. No. No, no. Don't like the wig on Phil. No. make it go away.
14:37 - Okay now I see a redeeming quality: Dan likes the blue hair. And actually appears unafraid to express that. "I would sign that petition." re: a petition for Phil to make his hair blue.
15:15 - Dan is not going to go full pastel.
15:26 - The wig is temporary but the curls are here to stay.
15:45 - Dan is open to some light pastel tones in his wardrobe. Phil is, apparently, open to being able to stare at Dan on camera with a warm smile while Dan talks.
15:48 - Dan's self-analysis. "I have two modes. Nihilism and wholesomeness. And they're allowed to both be present - nothing inbetween."
16:08 - Phil does end card shoutouts, Dan referring to this type of video as "Phil content."
16:09 - Dan saying, "Not like this." when Phil promos danisnotonfire. Another dig at how dinof is too good for silly stuff like this.
16:18 - "Stay hydrated, breathe deeply." Almost a Dan liveshow ending there.

Actual thoughts:

- Dan teased this AP video with a tweet and also answered questions afterwards. We can tell he still feels an actual content quality divide but it seems limited to actually what is on the youtube channel; he has no problem with some ownership over Phil's content anywhere else.

- Post Baking Universe!Phil lives, now in technicolor on AmazingPhil. Penis talk, nipple talk, stripping down to his undies and not editing it out, casual touches abound with no skittish backing away or overtly making a mockery of it.

- For all that Dan still seems to have too much pride to admit he totally digs the pastels: he totally digs the pastels. And I think Phil either digs them on Dan or else just enjoys providing Dan with an excuse for Dan to indulge in whimsical behavior that he might otherwise feel too weighted down by this responsibility to uphold some kind of quality content threshold. All new clothes for Dan while Phil wore at least two things he already owned, two wigs for Dan when Phil only got one for himself, letting Dan pick tattoos first.

- The only time masculinization/feminization was even glanced off of as a topic was in talking about men exploring pastel colors but only being comfortable doing so under their jeans. No defensiveness from Dan and Phil, no uncomfortable associations (as in, associations that would make them uncomfortable), no trying to explain away except for the basic explanation as the premise of the video.

- In case it wasn't obvious: I liked this a lot, and I'm someone who really wasn't thrilled about the idea of pastel edits just because the concept held no appeal to me. But damn, this video. This was a good video.
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