Brisbane - QPAC - 22nd August

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Are you going to this date? Want to meet up with others? Here's the place to arrange it.

We want to hear all your reviews and opinions from this date. Seen a photo from the m&g you want to discuss, go ahead, we love a good discussion.

A few things:
- This forum is public, which means anyone can see information you post.
- If you are meeting up with others, please make sure you do this in a safe way. Make sure you know who you are meeting with beforehand, and do this in an open, safe place. Perhaps even Skype before to ensure your safety.
- If you are posting spoilers, please do so behind the spoiler tag.

Enjoy :)
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I'm so excited I managed to score VIP tickets to this date :D would love to know who else is going?
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Hihi! I will be attending this date! I'm very jealous of your VIP tickets! I was refreshing the page like crazy and still missed out. I met them last year though so it's okay! All this content is making me so furious that we have to wait SO long :)
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