The 2017 Phandom Survey is Here!

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After a sixteen month break, we are pleased to announce the re-release of the viewer-based Dan and Phil Survey! We want to see how the Phandom has changed over those sixteen months, and we’re looking to run the survey yearly from now on.

This survey aims to gain a better idea of what those who watch Dan and Phil videos are actually like through a series of multiple choice questions, including questions about age, social media use, and how people view and interact with the content that Dan and Phil produce. The survey will be live for two months, and upon completion, the results will be posted and open for all to view from the survey blog here

Here is the link to the survey.

All responses are anonymous and we ask that you are as honest as possible. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The goal of this survey is not just to look at the demographic of those involved with the Phandom, but also with more casual Dan and Phil viewers. Any help you can give for exposure by posting - but not spamming - links to the survey in the comment section of recent Dan and Phil videos, sharing it on twitter, tumblr, or other social media, and asking your friends if they have taken it already will be extremely helpful.

For updates, additional information, and to ask questions, follow our tumblr @danandphilsurvey or twitter @danphilsurvey. Any changes made with the questions, times, or results will be posted there.

In case you missed it, click here for the survey.

This survey is separate from the IDB Census, and we’ll run that again later this year.
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There are only 5 more days to take part in the survey, it will be closing on 30/06/17.
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