Dan & Phil Part 63: hitting you with our gay agenda

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Re: Dan & Phil Part 63: hitting you with our gay agenda

Post by VengefulBlue » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:00 pm

sentinel wrote:
Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:44 pm
I think the main problem with the rebranding, for me at least, stems from the fact that he acts as if dinof was some sort of a burden placed upon him by his viewers when in reality, he himself was the one making up the ~character~. Fans never dictated his content, no one made a fuzz when the llamas/Delia Smith etc faded away and I think he could have just switched the name and the header without all the drama. In some ways he makes himself out to be some martyr that is suffering for his viewers' sins .
i do agree a bit, he likes to be dramatic and act like everything is an imposition. but even though dan came up with the dinof character, it was for the phandom. yes, he projected that persona intensely, and let it grow into this all-encompassing thing that defined him as an entertainer. it seems likely that that was a way of protecting himself, from the world in general and from us specifically.

2012 is when dinof persona was at its peak - that alone speaks volumes. if i had millions of people watching me, asking to know the intimate details of my life, invading my privacy in so many ways (girls in the garden, stalkers, vday), i would build a kind of larger-than-life character to hide behind too. but it would feel like i was forced to do it, and even if parts of it were true, i'd still resent it a bit. and if, years later, it was safe/i was ready/it was easier to drop the persona?? i'd do it, make a big deal of it, and make "jokes" about being "free from my old branding". like kavat said:
kavat wrote:
Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:10 pm
Someone wise said to me: You are happy when you feel like you are being authentic. So if you know who you are on the inside and that is who you are presenting on the outside...that's one of the things that can make you feel at ease. Or rather, if you feel like the person you are portraying on the outside isn't wholly reflecting who you are on the inside,
that can be a source of stress and anxiety. /.../It's important that all of you...aspire to communicate the person you are on the inside.
(07:58 and forward https://youtu.be/m3arwZIcDp0?t=477)

I'm guessing "someone wise" here is his therapist, and that this was something that they talked about. Maybe he saw dinof as representing the young, sad, insecure Dan and the rebrand as a step forward (along with a more grown up aesthetic, maybe the hair and showing his male attraction) to a new, more genuine Daniel. Idk, he later goes on to talk about how it's mostly just a display name and that it really doesn't matter, but I definitely think it was something he needed to do for himself to close a chapter of sorts.
i think dan needed to do it to signal to himself, and to the rest of the world, that things are different now. that maybe the dinof branding was an act, at least a little bit, but now he's done with that character, now we're gonna see him more than we have for a long time.

maybe it's not that deep, maybe it was just that he was tired of being quoted with a name he made up at 13. but when he starts talking authenticity and dropping annoying aspects of his old branding, that's where my mind first goes. :shrug:

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Re: Dan & Phil Part 63: hitting you with our gay agenda

Post by alittledizzy » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:00 am