Dan & Phil Part 97: Arch enemies and Husbands

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shan wrote: Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:28 pm Other people have made a lot of excellent points already but I'll also throw in that it's important to remember that Dan's youtube channel is a comedy one. A lot of what he says is jokes to cushion more serious content and make it entertaining rather than heavy. Not everything he says should be treated like gospel.
Just chiming in to say this is a good point and in the Attitude article Dan even said a lot of his online persona is put on so while I do think some of his jokes are Dan’s irl humor it’s also part of who he lets us see when he’s performing for us.
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Thank you, dizzy, for sharing the afterparty!! 15 minutes in and I am laughing so hard.
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was dan drunk during the after party wtf
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Kurapika wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:35 am was dan drunk during the after party wtf
i was thinking the same thing because at some parts he just seem to really say whatever comes to his head without any filters but i think that's just dan being extremly comfortable with phil and also with his audience
But maybe he was tipsy too lol
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Dan in the first stereo asking if they think coming out has made them 'degenerate into filth more often' and he's over here on the second one saying shit like 'Phil likes his guys to not be a dump truck in the back' for a giggle.

The answer is yes it has, Dan. Keep it up.
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So many thoughts about the Afterparty! Top ten Things I missed about them being together that were back (in no particular order):

1. Phil sassing Dan.
2. Dan making up songs.
3. Them acting parental.
4. Dan saying f***. (I was sad he didn’t swear in the first stereo.)
5. Phil being so happy about Dan doing stuff Phil planned for Dan to do.
6. Phil being obsessed with Dan’s hair.
7. Dan signing off a live show with something wholesome.
8. Dan not eating before a live show.
9. Phil agreeing with whatever Dan says, even if he contradicts himself.
10. Their love of Japan.

ETA a couple more:

11. Dan’s self awareness. “Being thanked for 40 minutes of content? What have I done to this audience?”
12. Dan exposing Phil. “You call me when you need to use me to avoid random conversations or if you need milk (aka sweets).”

And one thing I didn’t miss (but apparently is still a thing even on an 18+ app):

Phil saying “eff” instead of f***.
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An ad for Best Fiends just came on TV and I'm simultaneously amazed it still exists and is doing well enough to afford that. Perfect reminder for a best friends quiz rewatch though, I love Phil's twisted mind with those iconic tweets :lol:
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i'm just echoing everyone that said PODCAST. i'm terrible at listening to podcasts but for deppy i would TRY, okay.
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Back again <3

Nothing new to contribute but I'm happy the "when are they getting a house??" discussion has been put to rest: the answer is yes, they're getting a forever home :foreverhome:

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