I'm here I'm queer get ready to jeer!

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I'm here I'm queer get ready to jeer!

Post by emoji_pajamas » Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:01 am

Hey people! I'm Ri and I'm 19. I got into dan and phil content back in 2013, from what I can remember I was at a friend's house and they showed me Dan's 5 kinds of drunk people video and then internet support group :lol: I remember dying of laughter and also weirdly feeling like I'd found something like role models?
Not in the kind of "let's do everything these two do and say whatever they say!", not that there's anything objectively wrong about that. But it was heartening to watch these two nerds be unabashed and self-deprecating and seeing the fandom respond with the same kind of energy. :love1:
I do remember being dragged into the phan directory whirlpool of "is it REAL!?!?!?" for a good couple of months in middle school. It was around this time that I'd started to realize that maybe I wasn't so straight after all, and what a ride that was. :roll: :prideheart2: To put a label on my sexuality I would definately say I'm bi, but I've only seriously dated femme-aligned people and my attraction to men is questionable.
To be honest I've been lurking on here for deppy meta for the last 3 years. I figured with their coming out's that I should actually get an account so i can insert my opinions everywhere they're not needed :lol: :rainbow:

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Re: I'm here I'm queer get ready to jeer!

Post by lefthandedism » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:11 pm

Hello and :welcome: ! What a cute username, and glad to see you've been joining in the bants. :tu:
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