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Wassup! I dont really have much to say about myself but i thought id make a short introduction anyways.

Im nyx or you could just refer to me as my user, i dont mind either. i use she/her and he/him pronouns and i am lesbian. ive been lurking here for quite awhile now (around a little over a year now..) and i just thought maybe it was time for me to actually make an account. ive been watching dan and phil for quite a few years now and definitely when i was a little too young *cough* 8/9 years *cough* (thank you unrestricted internet access! lol). i took a break watching them between 2018-2020 but started watching again beginning of 2021 and have been consistently since.

i probably wont post a ton and will honestly continue lurking, but i will try to be active within the community on here.
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classy cat lady
classy cat lady
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Welcome! :welcome:

It's always nice when a lurker decides to join us properly! :lilheart:
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simply stressed bisexual
simply stressed bisexual
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Welcome! And I just have to say nyx is a fabulous name--it's my cat's name too. :rainbowtears:
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