hi! this is long overdue.

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Hi! I'm Val, and you might know me from catboydan.tumblr.com. I am a post-BIG phannie, and I'm a bit of a sucker for dan's rambly-introspective-hyperexplanatory video essay style, so as soon as I saw BIG, I promptly binged a bunch of their vids and joined the tumblr phandom shortly after! And never left. Survived Dan hiatus and everything. :)

Though this is my first time making an account here, it's been a supremely useful website for me in learning phandom history. So I wanted to make an account and say thanks to everyone who's contributed for that! <3 it really made figuring out the years and years of obscure facts and in-jokes more easily accessible.
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Hi and :welcome: ! Glad you have found our posts and archives useful. <3
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