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Hi IDB, care to welcome another late bloomer?
It’s hard being a brand-new Dan and Phil fan in 2023… There’s so much media to consume. It’s a bit daunting. I’m glad there are digital archivists out there who make navigating everything a little easier. Personally, I’m a very disorganized “data hoarder..” and not a very good one
I mainly made an account because I wanted to see the different forum skins.. I was tired of having to lurk with the default..
So i figured since im here I’ll say “hi.” Even though it’s pretty quiet. I’m not good at participating in fandom anyway, I’m kinda shy.
Just now, I’ve decided to move all of my Dan and Phil fanart onto a different Twitter account.. since my regular followers are definitely getting tired of it, and I know I’m going to draw more (in fact, Im in the middle of a drawing right now…)
Go check it out if you want. <3
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Hello newcomer! :welcome:

It's always so exciting to welcome new people into the phandom even so far past the peak. Hope you get to enjoy your stay :lilheart:
Twitter *•.(★).•* Tumblr
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