Not sure what to title this but hello!

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Not sure what to title this but hello!

Post by lizzzie » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:34 am

Hello! My name is Liz! Turns out "introductions" are something I am TERRIBLE at but here goes nothing! You can usually find me 10 feet deep in college work or watching Dan and Phil. I found out about this website and I lurked on here a lot but now I've finally made an account! :D

Here are some facts about me!
- I am 23
- I'm gay!
- I have a cat named Phoebe aka Feebs (who probably secretly hates me but I love her anyways)
- I love Dan and Phil (I am a dinosaur Dan and Phil fan, I've been watching them since 2010 HELP) , Shane Dawson/~conspiracy theories~ in general, and MUSICCCC

Hope I did this whole ~introductions~ thing right! Excited to meet new friends on here who have the same interests as me!

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Re: Not sure what to title this but hello!

Post by lefthandedism » Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:43 am

Hello and :welcome: !

I have a cat who probably secretly hates me too, but she still demands I serve her at all times. :hk:

Please join in the bants! I especially like to hear the perspective of Deppy dinosaurs. :tu:
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