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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by hopefulemm » Fri Nov 11, 2016 5:12 pm

- Generally, I either feel like I have a lot of thoughts I struggle to express or my brain is empty of everything but a lone tumbleweed rolling along to an echoing breeze.

- I identify as queer; every other label feels too specific to fit me. (Tangential: Attraction is weird to/for me because I think bodies are rather bizarre.)

- I love to read, but I only love to read fanfiction. I haven't been able to connect with original fiction since I was a teenager almost a decade ago. (In comparison, I haven't really written any fanfic in a decade, but I'm pretty obsessive about an original fic verse I've been slowly developing for, like, six years. Though it's not... something I'd probably ever share with anybody... because I suck and I can never settle on a plot... I just... adore my characters... *sinks away quietly*)

- I've been on the internet since I was nine, but I've never been interested in mainstream internet culture. I'm far more interested in fandom culture, trends, and history. (I probably don't fit in very well in this fandom lmao) Tangential: I don't have accounts on any social media besides Tumblr. (No Twitter, no Facebook, never had a Myspace, no snapchat, etc w/e.) Tangential x 2: I'm perpetually late to being aware of anything the internet finds interesting or compelling.

- I struggle with visual media, especially television.

- Between the ages of eight to twenty-one, I was really into manga (and to a lesser degree, anime). If I interact with it now, it's mostly for the nostalgia. So Deppy's weeaboo-ness isn't particularly interesting to me.

- I'm a shipper. It's an integral aspect of my being. I've always been a shipper. Some of my earliest memories, long before I ever discovered fandom or had a word for what I was doing, are of me quietly, privately, intensely shipping my favorite characters in my morning cartoons at, like, age 5. And in those most early memories, my ships were generally queer until the point where I began to think that it must've just been me who was interested in seeing same-sex characters having little romantic subplots with each other. (Oh heteronormativity, you screwed me up so bad.)
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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by CamLester » Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:28 am

Hi, I'm Cameron.

~This summer I found out I really liked my best friend.
~ peace out ~

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by MoonPride » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:43 am

- I still love and listen to S Club 7
- I don't want a relationship as I prefer my own company and over the years have realised I am not emotionally stable to hold down a long term relationship.
- As a teenager I used to follow my favourite bands all over the UK and some of those memories are my favourite.
- I was one of the early generations of the Internet and had a online boyfriend when I was 14 who I did meet up with once.
- My best friend stopped talking to me because of my emotional issues. (I was too clingy and smothering)
- My Daughter was not planned and part of a casual fling but I don't regret her and she saved my life as I was very depressed before I found I was pregnant and was on their verge of killing my self. She's given me a reason to live.
- I've been to every Disney theme park except Shanghai
- My ex best friend was also a Prince and we used to go on spontatious trips in private jets and stay in lavish hotels.
- I read fan fictions
- My Birthday is the same as Phil"s and I'm 4 years older than him.

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by hmm » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:10 am

seems to be unusual for this forum, but i am incredibly extroverted
literally my crack is small talk, i actually get feelings of joy from having a good 30 second convo with a barista or total stranger
and am addicted to making new friends, esp. drunk people (i am talented at making drunk strangers have a deep and meaningful with me until i know stuff about them nobody else does, but just because im interested in other people's lives)

perhaps the worst procrastinator in the world, i have many procrastinating stories to rival dan's, i have never met anyone as bad as i am- its a running joke with everybody i know
and it sounds like im boasting when i bring it up, because its like 'hey look at that thing it took you weeks to do, i did it in 2 hours and did well' but actually its like 'i have a serious problem, maybe by telling you, you can somehow give me some advice that will save me from my crippling procrastination problem'

also am straight and identify as female

have only read one or two harry potter fanfictions, fanfiction sounds like the kind of thing i would absolutely love but i just cant be motivated to begin (i.e. im the kind of person that put off watching 'friends' for years, despite literally everyone saying i would enjoy it)

studying economics, living in a college thats part of the university (like a sorority idk you get the idea)

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by KlaBimm » Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:06 pm


- Uhm, I had a phase in that I read a lot of crappy lovestorys, up to the part where they are quite explicit.
- I read fanfiction before I knew what that actually is
- I tend to cry if a film gets even just a bit emotional. I somehow cried during half of Captain Fantastic even though that really is no sad movie.
- I love these emojis (and their description/& code): :ASs:
- This weekend I started to read from the first thread on and now on the fourth thread

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by CoolDoggo » Fri Dec 16, 2016 7:29 pm

well hello
its me
- the gayest of the gays even though not really gay
- still playing club penguin unironically sometimes
- was a really big one direction fan and cried at their movie this is us
- when i was 13-14 i was emo gay otaku kawaii neko chan desu and i really want to erase this from my life
- i hate fish and tomatoes i just cant i cant
- i'm really short so people think i'm 12, if i'm lucky they'd give me 14
- i can't cook anything because my parents never teached me, so i'm 17 and all i can do is instant noodles and mac n cheese, but i'm trying to learn some new things
- my eyebrows must be on fleek, if they are not, my life is meaningless
- i actually enjoy spon videos like dragon city thing i just like watching their videos and i know they are making money out of it and that's even more cool cause i'm happy they're happy win-win
- i think i saw dan's hello internet when i was 11 or 12 but i didn't understand a word (couldn't speak english then) but i don't really remember if that's true or just my mind playing tricks on me
- team mystic but deep in my heart i'm instinct
what are you fucking gay

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by DatCog » Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:35 pm


I'm probably one of the oldest on here, having become a bit obsessed with Dan & Phil thanks to my daughters constantly playing their videos. I've been a fan for just over a year.

I'm in the midst of a mid-life the past 3 years I've got piercings and tattoos for the first time and set up a fan site for my favourite band! I also neglect my family by spending far too many hours watching YouTube and anime :oops:

I'm so pleased that there's a busy forum for Dan & Phil fans...I've been a long-time forum user and love the format. I don't really 'get' Tumblr, even though I look at it every day!

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by laila » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:02 am

-i turned half of my middle school emo (a long time ago) and now i'm the root cause of a lot of problems
-i'm straight, and i like to tell everybody that because apparently i give out the vibe (???) that i'm gay and some people aren't too nice lmao
-i have a cold for half of the year and its awful

hopefully that's good enough!

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by derrick » Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:05 pm

- My real name is Ella (surprisingly, it's not Derrick)
- I'm a very lonely British lesbian who is afraid of human intimacy
- I've been watching Dan + Phil since late 2012 (I found Dan's channel first which in turn led me to find Phil's)
- I'm not really "in" the phandom in the sense that I don't contribute any content or openly partake in discussions within the community (I have been intending to get more involved with the community however for now I guess you can consider this forum account a dirty little secret haha)
- I'm a big fan of cartoons/comics (Peanuts seriously ruined my life)
- I'm really awkward and I have an issue of pushing people away when they get too close to me because I'm worried they'll hate my real personality
- I'm 4'11'' irl (if I ever meet Dan and/or Phil I'll remember to wear the highest platform shoes I can possibly find)
- I'm double-jointed
- I'm horrifically afraid of dogs

that's about it I guess ✌️

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by momoroki » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:24 am

yessss a thread entirely dedicated to oversharing, my one life skill i am l i v i n g

- i've never been able to maintain any sort of long-distance relationship because of my utter inability to answer messages quickly - it was funny at first (a sort of long running joke between my old friends) but it turned sour when i hurt a lot of feelings yeah, i'm that asshole so now my 2017 new year's resolution is to reply to everyone

- i am very confused about my sexuality but what 16 year old on tumblr isn't

- i never stay with a fandom for long, I get really into a fandom until my fangirl levels reach fever pitch and then one day my interest is just gone. Deppy is the exception, I've been into them since 2011 (they've become a sort of comforting constant in my life, I doubt my life would be the same without them). I nearly stopped liking at the tail end of 2015 (because I thought they were becoming too commercial - with tatinof and tabinof and all) but once I saw just how hard they worked on those things my heart melted and I've been phan trash again ever since

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by GossipLurkingGhost » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:11 pm

Hi! I'm a nigahiga lamp who recently became Phandom trash. I usually just lurk in here and in GG without saying anything and have only recently made an account for both sites despite being around to read the threads for almost 2 months.

What about me?
- I'm a 20 year-old Asian girl, finally graduating from college (after all these stressful years). I also look like I am 12 due to my baby face and my shortness/height.
- I like anime and western cartoons, and video games. I am a woman-child with my entertainment preferences. I love puns.
- I have an irrational fear of the dark, using contact lens, and strangers. My not-so-absurd fears are cockroaches, spiders, and heights.
- I'm pretty desentisized to almost anything (e.g. can watch and talk about tentacle porn with a straight face in public). I cringe a bit at blood from real videos of people getting hurt/surgeries, though.
- I am of the impression that I'm aro ace, but if I ever become attracted to anyone, I'm probably demisexual, because I have no gender preference and I think I'd still like someone even if they become the opposite gender of what they currently are.
- I admit to being a troll half the time on live chats (YT, younow, etc).

Deppy-related info (what I learned and my experiences as a Phandom trash)
- I became a Phandom trash since I discovered their gamingmas videos. Also, I thought they were dating, only to go "bullshiiiiiiiit" when I learned they've denied they're together. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt despite being completely skeptic about it.

- I'm a new phan and it's unbelievably easy to find personal stuff, accidentally or not. I found the v-day video in less than 5 minutes of googling it (I wondered why everyone treats it like a cyber version of Voldemort), and saw screenshots of Dan's tweets with locations and pictures of a particular flat found in said location that matches D&P's apartment structure (I'm not even the observant type, it was really obvious). I thought that their address was supposed to be a well-kept secret or something. How come I stumbled upon it while browsing for D&P screenshots?

- I learned about Danosaurs and Phillions and that Dangirls are not a term for female Danosaurs. They're just Phil-haters. I also learned that despite dinof & AP's persona of being a dark soul and a bubbly soul respectively, it seems that IRL, it's kind of the opposite? Dan's the open book, the emotional, and the rather mild one compared to Phil who has the poker face, the hidden depths of weirdness (the dark-weird kind), and non-PG things. They can both be excitable like little kids, though, and quite sassy at times. And also, they're kinky af with those innuendos and hints(?).

- Might as well be married, platonic or romantic. Wouldn't be surprised if they were. They can also be quite problematic, especially with the infamous 2012 saga. Passive-aggressive savage right there.

- Some youtubers ship them, both low-key and outright.

- Dan as Carly Rae looked very similar to my half-English cousin. Dan's good-looking whether as a boy or a girl. Phil is also good-looking, but as a girl? I doubt it. Also, Dan's #llamarmy won Supernote 2012 and never gave back the trophy until recently (does that mean we'll have Supernote 2018) and that Phil has a world record (which was beaten, I'm not quite sure).

- Dan is a living meme, Phil is a pale bean.

- I wish my favorite youtubers (Ryan, Dan, Phil, etc.) could meet in-person like VidCon and do a collab or something.

That's all I can think up of atm (it's like 4am here I'm running out of brain fuel)

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by Skylar » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:05 pm

ah yes oversharing my one true talent. i've already shared a lot about my sexuality and gender, i identify as nonbinary and i like to think i'm pansexual but for right now i'll just say i don't label. i got into deppy back in 2012 i think. i know i watched dan and phil before actually getting into the fandom bc i had tagged them as phan and knew who they were apparently so. yeah. if you wanna know more you can see my post in how i found about them lol

i really like kids stuff, like paw patrol, sofia the first, my little pony, monster high, littlest pet shop, coloring books, pokemon (though is that really a kids thing anymore?), i also love collecting littlest pet shop toys and i used to have a wide collection of kids books that i refused to give up but i recently gave up a majority of them.

i'm a sucker for fictional stories about romance, specifically romance with a twist like disabilities or mental illness. i've met a few authors such as charles benoit, ellen hopkins and suzanne young. i'm very shy and introverted irl. i'm very bad about opening up about my feelings. however when you get to know me i don't shut up. about other things lol.

i have a history of self harm and i am diagnosed professionally with severe depression and mild/moderate anxiety. middle school sucked ass for me.

i have a huge collection of stuffed animals in the corner of my closet.

my birthname isn't skylar, it's actually raven but i prefer to go by skylar as my internet persona and gender neutral name i guess.

thats all i can think of right now

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by JustMe » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:29 pm

Hello! Here are mine:

- My first ever fandom was 'Saula' (Paula abdul and Simon Cowell) from American Idol (*cringes to death*)
- I used to like the twilight books+movies
- I once had a hamster with 3 legs that returned from the dead
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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by alittledizzy » Sat Feb 11, 2017 6:06 am

JustMe wrote:Hello! Here are mine:

- My first ever fandom was 'Saula' (Paula abdul and Simon Cowell) from American Idol (*cringes to death*)
- I used to like the twilight books+movies
- I once had a hamster with 3 legs that returned from the dead
omg there's def some saula fic out there with my name on it somewhere from ages and ages ago

(though not this exact name so i have no idea how i'd even find it again if i wanted to)

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by cryptic_phan » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:56 am

i don't think anybody irl that i know would aprciate know this stuff about if i told them so here i go

-i enjoy recreational online stalking (mostly youtubers )
- i drink straight coffee creamer (like right from the bottle)
-im demi sexual ( i would share this with the world but i hate explain that in not actually sexually attractedto demi lovato)
-sometime when in lazy and my hands are mildly dirty i wipe them on my dog (she doesn't seem to mind)
yup ok im beyond help at this point it ok to judge lol

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by YoullNeverKnow » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:07 am

- I might be a sex addict but I'm not sure
- Sometimes I lie about being sick so my friends won't ask me to do stuff and I can watch youtube instead
- I just want Phil's 2009 hair back

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by Moon » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:04 pm

- I overthink literally everything and it destroys my life
- my first fandom was warrior cats and even though I don't read it anymore it still has a special place in my heart :D
- I met my best friend and soulmate because of said warrior cats fandom
- when I was younger I pushed my dog into a lake (it wasn't deep water!) and I still feel guilty about it
- I don't know why but I don't like caramel
That's the plan.

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by ezzy » Sat May 06, 2017 6:23 am

i'm ezzy (o rly), i'm too young to drink in canada (-18 but who cares), and i'm questioning as to my sexuality.

- i've been watching deppy for more time than i have spending time with humans
-half the books on my kindle are fanfics
-i'm a huge fan of dantiloquent
-i tried to hug a cactus and proceeded to trip and slam into it
-ive been watching youtube since i was seven
-i used to love lazyjamie and have been less and less entertained by him
-i'm 32.212% more emo than all my friends
-fck hogwarts aus who wants to write one with me??

okie bye
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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by nocturnal » Mon May 15, 2017 12:24 am

yay first post :) been lurking on/off for a couple months, and have been a fan of D+P for about six years, but I don't really get involved in phandom stuff most of the time.

- I'm bi, but no one knows, and I often feel like my sexuality is kinda invalid since I've never actually been with another girl
- I used to be pretty into Phan (and Larry Stylinson ) but I guess I'm kind of phan-gnostic nowadays
- I have way too much time on my hands b/c I'm the only one of my friends who didn't go to college, and I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and I kind of live in constant anxiety that I'm wasting my time by sitting around at home all the time, but I don't really know how to get out of my emotional rut and actually do something productive, or at least exciting
- I'm an INTJ!
- I love watching people pop cysts, blackheads, etc

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by onceinaugust » Thu May 18, 2017 5:20 pm

Finally coming off of lurker status because 2017 has just been so good to us.
Weird things about me...
I don't eat food that other people (restaurants are okay) give me because I have a ton of food allergies, and one of my exes hid one in something he gave me to eat and put me in the hospital for 2 days.
I've been involved in various fandoms for about 10 years, but I think might be the one that has kept my attention the longest.
I have never landed in a plane, but I have taken off 11 times :D
"You loved it, you want to do it more."

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by iwishiwasacasual » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:33 am

- i was a casual for years, i want to go back (hence the username)
- i got fully into the fandom because i liked to go into the tumblr tag looking for people arguing over stupid shit because i am a drama loving hoe
- i have lied to so many people about watching dnp, i've even made fun of other people for watching their videos, yes i am i terrible human being
- i was a ballet dancer but had to stop due to a serious illness
- i have this weird illness which means i spend all of my time inside, on the internet, that is how i found myself here (i could have taken up a useful hobby like knitting)
- that's a lie i knit while i scroll because i'm cool
- im a lesbian
- i run a pretty popular blog in another fandom but i will never share that because this is my secret, shameful double life (im like a lame hannah montana)
- while my past self would have made fun of you for being here, current me thanks you because all of the positivity in this fandom really makes my day because sometimes you just need to get excited at the prospect of two random white guys getting a dog

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by phloridas » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:31 am

A thread dedicated to long, oversharing posts about yourself? Count me in!
-Tumblr pretty much shaped my teenage years (I joined when I was 14 in 2011) and in my first year of college, I wrote an essay about how music fandoms shaped me into who I am today and that essay actually won first place in its category in a contest my school had and was featured in its fine arts magazine
-I've been a huge Taylor Swift fan since 2008 and her lyrics have found their way into a few too many of my fic titles but I regret nothing
-My first Dan and Phil video was actually the squareflakes video as I came across far too many "crafting" comments on MCR videos in late September 2015 and wanted in on the joke. I've been trash ever since.
-Finally getting up the nerve to start posting phanfiction in October of 2016 was one of the best decisions I've ever made, as I finally started making friends and feeling a part of a fandom, and it rekindled my lifelong love of writing. So much so that I actually made the move last month to change my major from Elementary Education to Creative Writing (with a concentration in Fiction) and completely change colleges, as my previous college didn't offer a creative writing program. I'll now be going to an arts-focused school, ironically the same one that my older brother just graduated from with a degree in Music Performance (concentration in the bass guitar) and I'm super duper excited to start in September
-I'm currently questioning my sexuality but I think I may be biromantic grey-ace
-I'm about to start my junior year of college and I'm genuinely terrified as to what my life will be like after I graduate but I like to hope I'll be doing something I enjoy? (ideally working with books but I'll take what I can get lol)
-I convinced myself I hated chocolate from the ages of 5-12 and when I finally had a bit of a chocolate chip cookie on my 12th birthday I promptly realized what I had been missing and became a bit of a chocoholic (I thought this would make an excellent weird kid story for my TATINOF show but alas, my party and I arrived too late for me to submit it)
-I've always been that kid who's been weirdly obsessed with things, starting with my Pokemon obsession from when I was 3, and I will gladly tell you every single one of them
-I'm quite an avid oversharer, as I'm sure you can tell now, as I pretty much just stopped short of giving you all my life story lol

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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by neetbuzzer » Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:36 am

I love this thread cause it appeals to both the yappy puppy part of me and the unsettling part of me that wants to know e v e r y t h i n g about everyone

so here goes
  • I got hit a few times growing up and was really scared of that person as a result, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't really anything so I feel stupid talking about it even though it fucked me up p bad for awhile

    I had weird sensory issues as a kid where people touching my shoulders was actually make-me-stress-cry painful and now people get nervous about hugging me and I hate it

    I'm bi

    people who deliberately get the bad ending on BioShock are and this is coming from someone who loves the DB quests on Skyrim lmao

    I've edited this like 50 times

    part of me is worried about some weirdo meticulously cataloging this stuff

    I've wanted to make yt videos for 8 years or so but worried about their impact on my desired career

    I feel Hella Old to be in the phandom, but I'm (barely) younger than Dan so I mean
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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by sparkle » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:05 am

I'm procrastinating... Perfect time to join in

- I didn't know my right from left until I was 18
- Dan inspired me to drop out of uni - and a small part of the reason was so I could attend his old uni
- I used to make YouTube videos way back in 2006 but someone cyberbullied me on my channel and I quit
- I used to write My Chem fan fiction and it was really, really fucked up and dark
- I don't think I've ever related to anything more than 'wtf even is your sexuality'
- I have dermatographia (skin writing disorder) and I have it so badly I've contemplated cutting my skin off because it might hurt less if I did
- My nana died last year and I relapsed pretty badly with my depression and the only thing thats making it better is Dan and Phil, I hadn't been happy in approaching 10 months before I started watching them again
- I haven't been sick in over a year but I lowkey wish I could get something that would leave me bedridden for a week because I just want a break
- At one point my greatest achievement in life was being read out of the radio show and making Dan scream
- I'm terrified of fire and will have panic attacks at the sound of smoke alarms/food cooking
:sparkle: dan howell gives me life :sparkle:
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Re: Getting-to-know-you-game: JOIN OR DIE

Post by thephandommenace » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:05 am

IDB ate my mammoth post, fml. Probs for the best tho. (edit: this is still a mammoth post wtf am i talking about)

- sparkle I relate to 6/9 of your bullet points.

- neetbuzzer you haven't been on IDB long but I think you're really funny and cool and I appreciate the references and avatars

- Skylar reading your posts on the S/G thread actually helped me feel more comfortable identifying as NB. Thank you!

- I wish cherrybomb3 would notice me haha

- I still struggle with my sexuality even though I keep finding new labels that better describe my feelings all the time. Maybe because everything about me is really fluid and I can't commit to labels or a sense of self, but also bc I'm still ashamed about certain aspects of myself and I worry about never finding someone who will love and accept all of me.

- I'm sad depressed anxious awkward and lonely a lot of the time but I mask it with a lot of self-deprecating/ black humour and puns

- I weigh 100kg (+20 in the last two years) and I'm pretty unhealthy.

- I was bullied pretty badly in high school and it got even worse when I was outed as bi. I'm still scared and expect everyone I meet to immediately recognise the loser kid I once was (and still am lbr - Dan I'm coming for your branding)

- I used to draw smutty fan art requests on deviantART and write a lot of fanfiction (but haven't in years)

- I also used to make sketch vlogs until one vid went semi-viral and it got a lot of hate so i took them all down but I want to try again

- I can speak Japanese semi-fluently thanks to my degree but I don't want to use it and I've fallen out of love with the country.

- i relate heavily to this Tumblr post: [tumblr] <div class="tumblr-post" data-href=" ... 2738126050" data-did="ad3252510f5d23476a9bbbaec0d53d7bffcb08a1">[/tumblr]

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