when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by dancy » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:40 pm

I haven't actually been a fan of Dan and Phil for very long yet! I'd say it's been about 2.5 months now, though I've known about them since 2012/2013 through tumblr and the comments sections on youtube. I never watched any of their videos aside from some collabs they had done with other youtubers I liked and I'd see them in Youtubers React every now and then.

I do remember watching a couple of their Undertale videos in early 2016 as I was really into Undertale at the time and had just finished watching Jacksepticeye's playthrough of it. I was quite impatient however and couldn't be bothered to watch their entire playthrough of the game as it took them nearly a year to finish it, so I stopped after a few and forgot about them again lol.

Then (at the beginning of August this year) I searched "Layton's Mystery Journey" on youtube because I used to be a big fan of Professor Layton and was interested in seeing the prologue before buying the game myself and that's how I stumbled across DanAndPhilGAMES again. I watched their Layton video, loved it, went to watch some more gaming videos and that's how I "fell in love" with them. After that I decided to check out their main channels as well and spent the next few days burying myself in Dan and Phil content. I haven't caught up with everything yet though since there's quite a lot I've missed over the years.

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by blurry-bitch » Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:28 pm

I somehow stubled upon Phil on youtube in late 2008, a few days after my friend showed me what youtube actually was. This site sort of exceeded all of my expectation back in the day so I quickly became obsessed with using it (I was like, a child back then, you know). I liked Phil's weird sense of humour and creativity. We all know how his old videos used to be. But I didn't understand them 100% because English is not my mother tongue. This actually inspired me to learn English properly (guess I should thank him, I'm taking English studies on uni these days). As I learned more I kept watching and rewatching his videos for practice and fun of course. I also kept showing them to everyone, my mom must have seen like every single one. I found out that Dan has started his channel via twitter and after watching his first video I thought he was a little weird and wasn't sure if I was going to like him. But his humour quickly grew on me.

Sometimes, I can't believe I've stuck around for so long. I think it might be bc of how their content has been changing as I've been growing up. They have never failed to make me laugh whenever I was having a bad time. Mostly, watching their videos just feels like home to me, I'm so used to it, it always just makes me feel so much better.
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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by whatdoiknow » Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:48 pm

I finally just made an account after lurking here for about a year, so I thought I'd start with posting here.

I first starting watching youtube in general around 2012 I think? It was around the end of university and I stumbled across a couple Jenna Marbles videos and then got hooked. This is also around the time I got into one direction (mostly thanks to procrastinating studying for exams); I then discovered tumblr b/c i was trying to buy tickets for a 1d concert, found this site (tumblr) where people were selling them, and then signed up with my embarrassing tumblr username that I now regret and haven't changed, just so I could message people who were selling their tickets.

Anyways I guess I have a kind of random way of finding D&P, Around 2014 I think, I found carrie hope fletcher b/c there was a video of her singing a song with her brother from mcfly (who were touring with 1d at the time, which is why it was on my dash). This then took me to a recommended video of her video teaching Phil how to sing, then to her video with Dan (which everyone seems to hate - I get why now, but at the time when I first watched it, I found that he was just being sarcastic and actually seemed to be more mature about the topics than most guys his age. I see now why the video was problematic and stuff, but I always find it a bit ironic that that was the video that initially got me hooked).

Anyways, from there I remember watching Phil's shelter series on the gaming channel, then falling into the hole after that. I got really into the fandom side of things around this time last year, when I read a couple of dizzy's fics on ao3, which led me to her tumblr, which led me to idb.

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by LadyLackless » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:28 am

I came to the phandom via a strange route... figure skating!

Uh, what?

I adore figure skating and have been a trash fujoshi since time immemorial (my degree was in Japanese, 20 years ago...), so when I belatedly discovered in May/June 2017 that they had made a sports anime about gay figure skaters I was ALL OVER IT on YouTube. Once I had finished and there was a Yuri-shaped hole in my life I started watching the crack edits, then the reactions to the crack edits (Thanks LazyJamie...) which led me on to Phan crack edit reactions... which led me to our boys.

I started with the gaming channel (I wasn’t even aware they had individual channels until later... derp) and watched the Sims 4 series, then to Bishi Bashi Special which I played TO DEATH back in the day... then I decided I had to be systematic and watched all their videos... in order... started in early Sept 2017 and have just caught up to present day. Considering I have 2 kids and a full time job I feel like that’s respectable (I have a 3hr commute every day, with Wi-fi, which helps..)

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by chickchick » Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:43 am

I joined the phandom over the summer (last four to six months ish). A friend showed me the Sims 4 series- which I adored as an avid simmer who found it hilarious watching these newbs play so slowly and haphazardly. I moved onto that horse love rpg (Phil's american voice is such a turn on for me idek) and was just sort of gently pursuing some of their gaming videos.

Then sometime around when Dan came out with his depression video I really fell into everything they did. I can't remember if I watched his depression video first or his Awkward Fancy Meal with Louise- but those two videos basically sucked me into everything Dan and Phil. The depression video came at a time when I needed to hear something like that, and his awkward fancy meal video with Louise is basically the funniest thing I've ever seen on youtube. I don't know why it hit me so hard but I started tearing up I laughed so hard first time I saw it.

Now I'm happily working my way through all the youtube gossip and content they've produced in the last ten ish years :D

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by pinkat » Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:15 pm

I found Dan and Phil almost 5 years ago, when they interviewed Anthony Padilla for the BBC. At that point, I mostly watched American YouTubers or gamers, but I distinctly remember finding the way that they pronounced Anthony hilarious, so I looked into their videos, and have watched them and kept up with the phandom fairly consistently ever since. They've pretty much been the only YouTubers and one of very few fandoms that have kept my interest for more than a few months.

I used to lurk on GG for a long time, but stopped mostly because I found it too negative and my level of interest in Dan and Phil waxes and wanes anyway. At that point, I mostly stuck to the tumblr phandom and followed a couple of the more well known blogs. Eventually, I wanted to see more discussion again, and to my surprise, the DnP subform on GG was pretty much dead. I can't remember whether I ended up finding IDB from phantaray or just regular old Google. I've been lurking here for probably over a year, but I figured I might as well make an account and maybe post once in a while. And their 2017 content has been A+.

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by phillyforgot » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:55 am

I think I properly found them in 2015 when I watched teens reacting to them and checked out their channel. I think I've heard of them before that and I think I specifically remember wondering where the whole 'don't cry, craft' is from. I even think I passed Dan's channel once, thinking it belonged to someone else and being disappointed.

I checked out their videos and I was pretty impressed for the most part, because they made me laugh at times. While I did watch a lot of their stuff, I mainly considered myself a casual viewer and decided to stop watching for a certain period of time.

I revisited them several times and I think I actively watched them again in 2016. I continued watching them since then and here I am.

It's not an especially interesting story, but hey, I just felt like I needed to tell it.

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom

Post by ramenphan » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:14 am

at first i hated them in 2015/2016 because of the obnoxious phandom. i think the first video i watched of dan was the diss track, but purely because i was watching all the youtubers roast yourself diss tracks and it came up in my search results. i actually liked it, but i didnt go further than that. in the end of 2016, i had a friend who was in the the crybaby fandom (which i used to be in so thats whyw were friends ) and the phandom. she used to always send me pics of them,make references,and other shit like that. i made fun of her and i said shit like the guy with black hair is ugly and has no eyebrows and that the guy with brown hair is hotter (smh at past self) but she told me that one day ill understand. i didnt really think much of it and continued my hate for the phandom. in like april of 2017 i rewatched the diss track and then i got into his old videos that he used to make in 2012/2013/2014 and i really liked them. i stopped watching him after like 2 days lmao but in june of 2017 i got back into him and i eventually subscribed to phil. then i fell into the big hole of the phandom that i would never think would never happen. the whole summer of 2017 was basically just me fangirling and shipping phan lmao.

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by alittledizzy » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:11 pm

phillyforgot wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:55 am
I think I properly found them in 2015 when I watched teens reacting to them and checked out their channel. I think I've heard of them before that and I think I specifically remember wondering where the whole 'don't cry, craft' is from
Oh, man. That really will be their legacy on youtube, won't it? lmao

ramenphan wrote:
Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:14 am
at first i hated them in 2015/2016 because of the obnoxious phandom.
I relate to this somewhat - I didn't hate them because of the phandom but in 2013/2014, I definitely had phan/phandom on my tumblr blacklist.

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Re: when/how did y'all first get into the phandom??

Post by honeybee » Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:34 pm

Hey guys, made an account rather than just lurking forever lol.

I can't specifically remember when I first found out about dnp. I sort of always seemed to know of "dan and phil", but the first video I can definitely remember watching was Dan and Tyler being offensive that my friend showed me in summer 2014 when it came out. Then the same friend later showed me their slender playthrough which made me interested enough to look into the gaming channel. I think it was the minecraft video that got me to subscribe around easter 2015. And I've been in this wonderful trashcan ever since :number1:

I can't really remember the order that I watched all their videos in, I think it was sort of just based off what popped up in recommended. I sorta still consider the gaming channel my favourite channel in terms of enjoyment watching (tho I also love liveshows and always miss them when there's a drought), but I think I'm a bit biased because the gaming channel is what lead me to love them the most, sort of thing.

Oh, and I also remember watching the interview they did with Anamanaguchi, before I started properly watching them, and then I watched it again afterwards and realised I'd already seen it ages ago :lol:

Anyway, nice to meet y'all! :ribena:

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